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Look closely around New Bedford and you will see the countless ways women have mobilized residents of “The City that Lit the World” to create positive change. Trace the history of these movements…

According to legend, when Roger Williams crossed the Seekonk River a group of Narragansett called out to their English friend, asking what news he brought: “What cheer, netop?” The legend solidifies…

The Dorr Rebellion of 1841-42 was more a war of words than weapons. Some accounts call it a rebellion, others, a war. Frederick Douglass called it the “Dorr excitement.” Writers in the 19th century…

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Rhode Tour is a statewide mobile historical smartphone application. Captivating places, intriguing people, and exciting events fill Rhode Island's history. Rhode Tour offers a new way to interact with these untold tales of the state's past. Using stories, sounds, and images, history comes alive on Rhode Tour.