Random Stories

Melrose Park

The buses in the RIPTA parking lot on Melrose Street rest in orderly lines. Beside them, rows of cars glitter behind a chain link fence. This lot in South Providence used to echo with more than just the low rumble of engines-it was once the site of…

“To Henry Paget Esq. for 29 Days Work of Pero”

Pero, slave. Job, Native American. Mingow, free African. Have you heard about these men on the admissions tour? These individuals were three of at least four slave laborers who built University Hall, then called the College Edifice for the College of…

West Broadway Neighborhood Association

Repurposing older structures is a tenet of historic preservation. Here the West Broadway Neighborhood Association practices what it preaches. Since 1983, the WBNA has been one of the strongest and most active neighborhood associations in the city.…

Castle Hill and High Society

While the story is set in Newport, many of the scenes were shot at MGM Studios in Culver City, California, with a Bel Air mansion standing in for Newport. The film opens with a scenic flyover of Newport and its Gilded Age mansions including The…

The Stephen Hopkins House

This home of Declaration-signer Stephen Hopkins (1707 – 1785) is among the oldest still standing in Rhode Island and the oldest in Providence. Hopkins lived here with his family and their slaves, in eight rooms that are now chock-full of antiques,…

Elmhurst Academy of the Sacred Heart

The large plot of land bordered by Smith Street, Wyndham Avenue, and Pleasant Valley Parkway has been built up heavily over the past 45 years, the rolling green lawns and forested glades replaced with siding-sheathed condominiums and a sprawling…

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Stories from Pawtucket

7 Locations ~ Curated by Brown University students in "Methods in Public Humanities," Spring 2014

Providence's Vacant Spaces

12 Locations ~ Curated by Angela DiVeglia as Part of Providence Public Library’s Exhibition and Program Series, 41.8219° N, 71.4171° W, Spring 2019

Rhode Tour

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