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Betty Alden: First-Born Daughter of the Pilgrims

In 1891, American author Jane G. Austin (not to be confused with the better-known English writer, Jane Austen), wrote in the preface to her novel, Betty Alden: The First-Born Daughter of the Pilgrims, “He who would read for himself the story of this…

Paul Cuffe Memorial

When Cuffe–a man of color, born to a Wampanoag woman and a freed slave–and his crew–all Black or Native men–disembarked, they were met with “astonishment and alarm” by the townsfolk. Locals ran to the docks and urged the Customs officials not to give…

A Day in Newport: Easton’s Beach

Easton’s Beach is a beach of many names. You may also have heard it called First Beach or Newport Beach. But whatever its name is, the beach can be found on the strip of land on Easton’s Bay that connects the peninsula named Easton’s Point in…

The Battle of Rhode Island

During August 1778, Tiverton was the fulcrum on which the American Revolution teetered. From all over New England militiamen marched along dusty roads to rendezvous at the fort on Tiverton Heights. From Gloucester, Newburyport, and Marblehead came…

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14 Locations ~ Curated by John Nicholas Brown Center

Guía de RI: Latinos en Rhode Island

5 Locations ~ Curated by Esta Gúia está basado en la Historia Latina de Rhode Island: Nuestras Raíces (History Press, 2014) escrito por Marta V. Martínez, así como las historias orales y visuales en www.nuestrasraicesri.org. Molly Kerker y Jane Lancaster contribuyeron a la investigación, el desarrollo de contenidos, y la edición. La traducción se realizó por Roxana Mercado.

Tiverton: Almost Forgotten

12 Locations ~ Curated by The Little Compton Historical Society, the Tiverton Public Library, and the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Brown University.

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