Ebenezer Church built the original general store in 1820 and sold it to his partner Philip Manchester in 1864. Philip’s son Abraham slept every night at the store from the time he was six years old, taking over its operation as an adult. He was known as a shrewd businessman and a leader in the community. Abraham and his sisters often said, "if Manchester’s didn’t have it, you didn’t need it." The store stayed in the Manchester family through the 1950s. In the 1960s it closed and reopened as a restaurant.

Manchester’s was a popular restaurant and tavern for over 30 years providing both a gathering place and a place of employment for many local people. Elliott Loomis opened it in 1969. Betty DeLotto was the owner on March 12, 2002 when a fire destroyed the historic building. Adamsville still mourns the loss of this local landmark.



11 Main St Little Compton, RI 02837