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The border between Adamsville and Westport was changed in 1747 from the west bank of the Westport River (which is just to the East of Brayton's Garage) to this location in the middle of the mill pond. The new border cut though established lots creating private properties that were half in RI and half in MA. Though more than two centuries old, the "new" border continues to cause difficulties for dual-state homeowners today.

More importantly, Little Compton lost its claim on the "Acoaxet" triangle, one of Massachusetts' loveliest seaside communities.


1895 Map of Adamsville<br /><br />

1895 Map of Adamsville

This map, taken from an 1895 atlas, shows the village of Adamsville, with the current RI/MA border depicted by the pink line. Note the Westport River, along the right edge of the photo, that once marked the original boundary between Rhode Island and Massachusetts. View File Details Page

17th Century Proprietor's Map<br /><br />

17th Century Proprietor's Map

This seventeenth-century map shows the allocation of land to the original proprietors of the Adamsville area. The Westport River, once known as the Acoaxet River, originally formed the eastern boundary of Adamsville. When the border between Rhode Island and Massachusetts changed in the eighteenth century, some of the property lots were split so that they were a part of both states. View File Details Page

1870 Map of Adamsville

1870 Map of Adamsville

This 1870 map clearly shows how the border between Rhode Island and Massachusetts was redrawn as a straight line in the 1740s, as opposed to the earlier border that followed the meandering course of the Westport River. View File Details Page

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671 Adamsville Road, Little Compton, RI [map]

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